How Long Does Stovetop Espresso Take to Make?

For those who want a great method for making espresso that is easy, budget-friendly and absolutely delicious, stovetop espresso is worth a look!

That said, some can find themselves curious about how long this option takes to brew, since espresso machines tend to get the job done rather quickly.

There are a few things to consider when looking at the brewing time lengths.

We’re going to take a quick look at what variables play into that below!

What Is Stovetop Espresso?

Many are familiar with the concept of espresso made in an espresso machine.

In these devices, highly-pressured water extracts from very fine grounds, allowing for high levels of extraction.

Stovetop espresso is different in that pressure isn’t as much of a factor in their brewing process.

This type of espresso is made in a device called a moka pot, which some may recognize to be similar to a coffee percolator.

Oftentimes, moka pots can be an inexpensive alternative for those who love espresso, but can’t afford an espresso machine.

However, some can find that they come to prefer the flavor from a moka pot!

How Do You Brew Stovetop Espresso?

Brewing in a moka pot is a relatively simple process.

You will want to make sure that you have a gooseneck kettle as well as a solid grinder if you prefer freshly-ground coffee beans.

Pre-heating the water in a kettle is an ideal option because you don’t really want the moka pot getting too hot. Otherwise it can result in espresso with a burnt or metallic flavor.

Ideally, the grounds will be rather fine so that flavor can easily be extracted from them.

You’ll then want to add in a filter basket, place the device on medium heat and add the water.

Stovetop Vs Other Brewing Methods

Compared to other brewing options, using a moka pot isn’t particularly difficult.

That said, it’s not as easy as a drip-style coffee maker or Keurig. Stovetop espresso isn’t something you can set and forget.

It will take some trial and error to get the perfect results.

However, especially for those who are on a budget, a moka pot can be a great way to get a delicious brew without a high price.

Some may even find it to be more appealing than standard espresso, and it’s definitely less likely to leave you with the jitters!

Moka Pot Size

There are many factors that can play into how long it might take for a moka pot to brew.

While it makes sense that many people might want their coffee relatively quickly, it’s also worth keeping in mind that the quickest speeds can sometimes result in less extraction.

Another aspect to consider is that it’s important to keep an eye on a moka pot while it’s brewing rather than leaving it like a drip-style.

Depending on the brand and style you opt for, you might also find that different sizes might take different amounts of time to brew.

Brewing Time Lengths

That said, there are some options that claim a certain brewing time regardless of the size.

One example includes Bialetti, which promises a brewing time under 5 minutes regardless of whether you’re using the 1-cup or 12-cup sizes.

So if you want plenty to share, it’s good to know you can still get a good brew in a large moka pot rather quickly.

Some others may take a little more time, so make sure to check for the times with any specific brand you may go with.

On top of that, aluminum and stainless steel options may have some timing differences, as the metals heat with greater or less speed.

Regardless of what size or type you choose, gaining plenty of information about moka pots and stovetop espresso can be highly useful in developing a brew perfect for you.